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Chronicle – Sapa at a glimpse

The morning sprayed its honey sunshines on the steep twisting road , we woke up after a long sleep on the night drive quite tiresome . But look, terraced fields , vast mountain trees , sonorous trumpet sounds from distant villages. Here comes our paradise: Sapa.

Day One : A round of Sapa
Cool air helped us forget the tiredness and be ready for the first day’s journey. Rusting packing off our luggage and enjoying the first taste of the forest breezes of Sapa mountain, our group went for breakfast at a small restaurant in the middle of the slope . After absorbing a little energy , we started our journey .
the team

Even scorching sunlight in the middle of immense forests did not make us afraid. Being able to conquer 20 kilometers of mountain roads made us feel more excited. Sitting on the motorcycles looking over the vast green forest , watching the deep valleys behind, it seemed to me that whole mountains, forests and endless sky were all in our vision. On every  each part of the road, there was always a white waterfall, cool water of which released the stifling heat of summer in northwestern mountains.
twisted roads

In the afternoon , our group continued the journey to Cat Cat resort – 2km from Sapa town centre, a famous sight not to be missed for anyone visiting Sapa . The road into Cat Cat was pretty steep and long and the only way to access it was on foot. Along the road were colorful stalls with handmade items such as bags , clothing , brocade cloth , all kinds of silver jewelries, toys and many other things catching eyes of every first time visitor.
Pretty tired and hungry after a long walk, we were so happy to try typical barbecues of Cat Cat village. In this area, tourists are also offered special cultural music program with the performance of the ethnic Hmong and Dzao tribes. Enchanted in highland melody and trumpet sounds, travelers could feel the unique national identity of Vietnam with priceless cultural values.

Going round behind the performance stage, we again saw a great waterfall. One couldn’t deny the miracle of Mother Nature to bring here such many stunning yet solemn sceneries.
Soaking our feet into the icily cool water

Soaking our feet in the icily cool waters, we had more energy to return to the same way with steep roads. Feeling tired but happy because everyone was so voyeuristic with natural scenery, given the priceless spiritual gifts together with many special pictures to be shown at home .

Day Two : Conquering Ham Rong Mountain
Turning to the second day, a member got a flu for not being familiar to the changeable weather of Sapa, another was mesmeric by the bed so today’s journey was not be sufficient as the first day . However, the attractiveness of the name Ham Rong Mountain made the rest “athletes “could not resist discovering it.
Ham ROng

Located in the heart of Sapa town, at the height of almost 2,000 meters, Ham Rong Mountain possessed unspoiled yet very spectacular beauty which immediately enthralled all of us to the utmost. After the first day climbing pass, wading streams , we looked at the uphill  road ahead more apprehensively, but apparently the group of tourists up and down the mountain with the upland music became the driving force for the whole group . The more we went, the more we were glamoured by the winding stone walkway up to the top of Ham Rong mountain. Along the road were four season flowers in various types as well as intriguing stone statue gardens. Although we sometimes had to wait for each other to rest halfway, finally we got to the most beautiful part of this mountain. Lost in the fairy beauty of the surrounding sceneries, we didn’t know what to say but continuously expressed our admire this natural wonder and hurried to capture as many pictures as possible with a fear that we might not have the second chance to do this again.
Ham Rong mountain

Along the cliff were Heaven gate number 1 and Heaven gate number 2. We delectably stood on the towering cliffs and looked down the entire city in fog. Passing over Heaven gate number 1 and 2, we finally set foot on Ham Rong’s highest place, Cloud Yard. Its hard to describe our feeling when standing on the Cloud Yard at the height of 1800m above the sea level and enjoying the most panoramic vista of Sapa town and its surrounded valleys.
The 2nd day tour ends with such an unforgettable impression on this particular mountain .

The end : Goodbye Sapa!
Because of the short time left, we decided to spend the last day for relaxing and visiting Sapa market before taking the night bus back to Hanoi. Sapa market had countless items which were only seen within this mountainous area. Every of us got nice souvenirs for our family and friends.
Sapa _market

The trip was exciting and memorable. Most of my friends have never been to Sapa before, so they were very impressed with the mountainous atmosphere and landscape there. We also learn more about a different life with the unique customs of the ethnic minorities .
Saying goodbye to the mountain town, we all promised to go back again.